Projects since 2012


Phase II core project: 

Agri-entrepreneurship, technology uptake 
and inclusive dairy development in Tanzania
Feed the Future Innov Lab on Small-Scale
Irrigation in Tanz, Eth and Gh (USAID)

Platform for African Dairy Genetic Gain (BMGF)
Scaling up of the delivery of the infection and
treatment method (ITM; USAID)
More milk in Tanz: Adapting hubs for
pro-poor smallholder value chains
(MoreMilkIT; Irish Aid)

East Africa Dairy Development Project
(EADD) Phase II (BMGF)
Research and Learning for Sustainable
Intensification of Smallholder Livestock
Value Chains (SAIRLA)
Sustainable Rangeland Management Project (SRMP)
Feeds (BMGF, USAID livestock Innovation lab)
Several surveys on health and nutrition
with focus on women & children /impact
of hubs on these(ACIAR, USAID Linkage,
Immana, SPIA)
Climate-smart Dairy

Fodder & feed driving sustainable intensification of 
crop-livestock /Africa Rising (USAID

Closed program and projects since 2012

  • Enhancing dairy-based livelihoods through feed innovation and VC dev approaches (MilkIT; IFAD)
  • Evaluation of breeds, productivity and fitness for smallholder dairy cattle (TDG, AgriTT-DFID)
  • What’s killing my cow? Re-assessing diseases in smallholder dairying in Tanzania (GIZ)
  • Safe food, fair food (SFFF2, BMZ)
  • Comprehensive Livestock Environmental Assessment Value Chains (CLEANED ; BMGF)
  • Potential farm-to-landscape impact & adoption of forage technologies (CIAT; BMZ)

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